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Monday, May 24, 2010

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Things have been great and hectic all at the same time as of late. Steve & I are working on remodeling the house we are moving into. It has been very tiresome but I know it will all be worth it in the end. It’ll be nice to live in an actual house again instead of an apartment. It will be equally nice to get to decorate and paint. We’ve wanted to paint for so long especially Jace’s room but you can’t really do that in an apartment. It took us a while to get to this point, but we’re getting there. I’m super excited. I can’t wait until we can get moved in.

We’re getting ready to go to Texas this week. Not looking forward to that at all. We are going to drive the first five hours on Wednesday, then the second five hours on Thursday. We’ll need to be good and rested on Friday. It is going to be a long day. I’m really happy that hopefully by the day is over we will have some answers and our mom will finally be able to rest in peace. Steve is going for support. It’ll be nice to have him there with me. He knows how difficult her death has been on me. He has been amazing through this whole process. We’ve gotten more answers recently to certain things. It is sad honestly. I’m just looking forward to this whole 3 year process to be over. Jace is not going to be able to go with us. It is just long of a drive for him and also couldn’t be very comfortable not being in his own environment. He will be staying with his wonderful Grandma & Pappy. I know he’ll be in great hands. They just love him so much! I must admit though I am going to worry the whole time. I worry that he’ll miss us so much. I know we are going to miss him. I’ve only been away from him for a few hours at a time. So this is going to be hard. He’s such a sweet baby that you just have to love him.
We went back to the pediatrician Friday. She said he is growing great and looks amazing (of course we already knew that.lol). He now weighs 12lbs 13oz and is 23in long. He’s growing like a weed. She said he had the cutest little baby eyebrows she’d ever seen. You can’t see most babies’ eyebrows because they are so light and either they don’t have any. Jace has really dark and think eyebrows. Lol.
Having a child teaches you so many new things about yourself. Here are a few things he has taught both Steve & I.
*To let things go when someone lies to the point of insulting you. It is not worth it to respond to ignorance. We can be the bigger person and let things go.
*One of Steve’s was that he said he felt less selfish.
*Your heart will forever be outside of your body.
*We have to live our lives in a way we would not be ashamed of.
I want to teach my son to never be ashamed of anything that he does. Therefore we will live our lives the same. I would never do anything that I may later be ashamed of. No one is perfect and I won’t teach him to think he is. He has two wonderful parents (not trying to toot my own horn). We both have similar personalities. We get along better than we ever have with anyone else. We never argue. We’ve had a total of three disagreements our whole relationship and they weren’t even that bad. I must admit I am rich in my life. Life is truly great when you can honestly say that you are happy with your life and have no regrets.

Jace laying in the a basket beside a picture of my beautiful mother. May she rest in peace.

Steve and Jace. He loves his precious son so much. Couldn't ask for a better father for my son.

Is he not the most precious baby boy? He looks just like his daddy.

Jace with Pappys hat on. Grandma was holding him. We just took this one last night.

This is the video we took late last night. I wouldn't ask for anything different. We love our beautiful baby boy.

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