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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Jace's 1st Christmas...

I do believe Jace thoroughly enjoyed Christmas but not as much as mommy and daddy. We knew he would be more interested in the paper and boxes, but that was alright by us. Christmas was new, fun, and exciting for us again. It's so different having a child during the holidays. Different in a great way. Since Steve & I have been together we haven't really celebrated holidays. Not because we didn't want to but mainly because we had to work during them. So there really has never been a point in decorating or cooking anything special. But, now there is all the reason in the world. And that reason is our little guy, Jace. He's a special little fellow. Below is a few photos of our very special Christmas together.

Here is Jace right after opening one of his gifts.
 Here he is again just as happy as a little boy could be.
 He really does love his daddy, but I think he just wanted to play with all the paper around him. Lol.
He really didn't want mommy to hold him either, but we had to somehow get a picture. Ha.
Here he is with his Jamma. He loved opening gifts with her and playing with her bell necklace.
 He & Pappy always have tons of fun together. Especially when Pappy does the choo choo train.
His GGma loves him to bits and pieces. This has got to be the sweetest moment of the evening.
 Aunt Angie helped him open his present from her. I think they both enjoyed it.
Natalie got him this cool leather jacket. I remember her talking about getting him one and had forgotten all about it. When we opened the box we all fell in love with it. Doesn't he look cool?!
 Sharing a sweet moment with Celeste. She loves him.
He's with Andrea here. She grabs him up every time we're around. So sweet.

I do believe he is going to be spoiled by all these wonderful people in his life. They all love him very much. And, I love them all very much for loving him so much. He'll be spoiled by my family too when he gets to be around them. They spoiled him when they were here visiting in July. He is a very loved little boy.

Here is a picture of the him after he opened the gift his Aunt NeeCee, Uncle Leo, and cousins Anthony and Alexis sent him. He was kissing all over that little monkey baby. So cute.
Jace got another Christmas present in the mail yesterday. It was from his Mississippi Pappy. And, boy does he love it. He has played with it a lot. He will stand up leaning on it and walk behind it. So cute.

And, before I forget. Here is my very special Christmas present. I love it! Of course.
And, last but not least. Here is a photo of Steve and I on Christmas. We totally forgot to get a picture of all three of us. But, we took plenty of other pictures.

Some of the photos above were taking with my new, very special camera and some weren't. Bet you can tell which one's were. Lol. Overall, Christmas was wonderful this year. I love Jace and I love Steve so very much. And, I am so thankful to have them in my life. Life is not just good, it is outright great! I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for my wonderful family.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Time flies...

How crazy is it that Jace is 9 months old already?! I was blessed with this wonderful little boy. I could not imagine my life any different than it is right now.


Month 1
 Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6
Month 7
Month 8
Month 9
Month 10

See all the changes? He's growing up on me too fast. I was told time would go by extremely fast but I never though it would be this fast. I love that he is thriving in everything he is supposed to be but I wish he would stay little just a while longer. He is my sweet baby. I love my beautiful life with my beautiful family.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

A day at the park...

Jace loves to be outdoors. Before it turned super cold we took him to play in the park. He loves the swing. He also liked doing the sliding board. Of course we held on too him so we weren't able to get pictures of that. But here are a few from his time in the park.Oh wait, and before I forget. A couple of weeks before the park trip we took him to Bernheim Forrest. So I'll post a few of those as well.

Bernheim Forrest

At the park

Halloween fun...

Jace's first Halloween was pretty awesome. He absolutely loved looking at all of the different people. He already has a very out going personality. And, has for some time. He's not like most babies. He will go to anybody. He's a big hit every where we go. We frequently get stopped while doing day to day shopping or errands.

Anyway, Halloween was a blast for all of us. I'll post a few pictures.

 Here he is with his Jamma. He sure does love her, and she loves him even more. So sweet.

 This is a picture of him with his G-Gma. Even when G-Gma can't remember much she always remembers Jace.

 Its a flying monkey!!!! He loves when daddy tosses him in the air.

 Jace's first experience Trick or Treating. We went to Jamma's and Pappy's first.

 Last but not least. A picture of mommy kitty and baby monkey. Ahh, such fun.