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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Being nice isn't so hard

I recently wrote a status update on my personal facebook page about the rudeness of some photographers. I feel the need to say more. I feel like it needs to be said. Some people may get pissed for my comments but I am completely okay with that.

I really don't understand how some photographers get off on thinking they are so much better than everyone else. I mean we all start somewhere. Some of them act like they didn't start off and have crappy photos. Every photographer has had to have at least some bad photos. How would these people feel if someone pointed out every single thing they did and then talk about them on their facebook, publicly? I have been lucky and haven't had that happen to me. Well, my name wasn't said but there were hints that I was stealing someones clients. Then, others accuse you of stealing their ideas or concepts but turn right around and does the same thing as another well known photographer in a different area. Its ridiculous and hypocritical. I have had other photographers email me when I first started stating that I needed to raise my prices because I wasn't being fair to other local photographers. Some of them were super nice and helpful but MOST of them were rude and nasty. I find this ridiculous and unacceptable.

It makes me sick to my stomach to know that these people fight tooth and nail to gain business and then treat others in their same field like absolute crap. And, in some case their own clients! Talking about them behind their backs to other clients, talking about them publicly on facebook and other online sources. Maybe I am one of kind but I believe you should treat everyone fairly. Why do we have to be so rude and nasty? Its uncalled for. I won't act like I am perfect, I have my faults too but I would never treat another photographer or client poorly just to get ahead. I had a photographer friend. Well, she was my friend first then turned photographer some time ago and she acted like a complete jerk when I started my business and we live in different states. She isn't the only one though, sadly. I won't go into many details because I don't get pleasure by calling people out but its sad when you think you know someone and consider them somewhat of a friend and then they turn their back on you and treat you like crap for no other reason than you becoming a photographer.

I am going to say this and then I will shut up. No matter if I stop do photographer now or ever I would never treat an up and coming photographer like crap. If they asked my opinion I would try to help them no matter what. Even if they lived next door. I've actually had a client start their own photography business recently and if she ever came to me for advice or just to chat about business I wouldn't hesitate to help her. I just wish other photographers would start being a little nicer and more helpful. Instead of tearing others to shreds, be kind and helpful. If you see someone struggling and their photos could be better, message them and ask if they would like your advice on how they could make things better. Its not that hard to be nice to others.

Sorry for my rant but I felt it needed to be said.

PS. I found a great lady a while back by the name of Lori. She created a Facebook fanpage called MyPhotoMentor to help newer photographers learn techniques to help better their business. If it weren't for her, Melanie, Tracy, and Kym (other photographers on the site) I would have went nuts. They have all been through it and some going through it with me. I am thankful for these ladies. But, I do believe my outlook on photography has been forever tainted by the one's that have holier than thou attitudes. Which is most that I have dealt with except the few I named and a couple of others.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

What more could a girl ask for?

I just realized I haven't updated this blog in so long. Jace has grown a ton since the last time I blogged about him. He is now 21 months old and a smarty pants. Too smart for his own good sometimes. He has started getting bored with his toys lately because he can figure them out so quickly. His vocabulary is growing like crazy. I'll make a list of words he can say.

1 Ma ma
2 Daddy
3 Pappy (when he wants too) Papaw (his MS Papaw)
4 Jamma (he says it like amma)
5 Elmo
6 Bob Bob (spongebob)
7 All done
8 More
9 Milk
10 Chips
11 Ice
12 Rain
13 Snow
14 Moon
15 Star
16 Light
17 Ow
18 Dog
19 Hello
20 Hola
21 Hi
22 Bye Bye
23 Airplane
24 Ball
25 Cat
26 Eye
27 Nose
28 Beads
29 Button (belly button) 
30 Max
31 Ice Cream
32 Owl
33 Bird
34 Cup
35 Hot Dog
36 Door
37 Yes
38 No
39 Jace
40 Neece (Aunt Neecee)
41 Game
42 Car
43 Woo wee
44 Baby
45 Boat
46 Eat
47 Piggy
48 Poo Poo
49 Pee Pee
50 Please
51 Thank you
52 Boom

That is all I can think of for now. Could be more but my brain isn't cooperating right now. It doesn't seem like he should be saying all of this right now. Time sure has flown by. He will be 2 in a little less than 3 months. I was definitely blessed when that little guy entered my life.

As far as the whole family unit goes, Steve asked me to marry him on my birthday. I was in complete and total shock. We had went and got our dog that day then went to Steve's parents house. They wanted to give me some gifts. They spoil me, really. They had about 4-5 bottles of wine for me, a gift certificate for an hour massage, some old skeleton keys (I love keys), and a few other things. Steve kept saying he was so glad they got me good stuff and that I loved it all because I was going to be so disappointed with his gifts. We got home about 7:30PM and watched some TV and ate dinner. He finally gave me my gifts about 8:30. It was all in a gift bag. I started getting things out and there was a tea pitcher for loose leaf tea that I like, tea, some of my favorite candy, and the card. I read the card and it already had me in tears. I picked the bag up because I didn't think there was anything else in there but it was heavy. I looked inside again and saw a little jewelry box wrapped in paper. I thought it was earrings or a necklace. I opened the box and a ring was inside, I immediately starting crying so hard. Steve asked me to marry him and I hugged him as tight as I could. Jace started crying by this point because I was crying. Lol. Of course, I said yes. He made me the happiest woman alive that night. In September we were together for 3 years. Best three years of my life. We plan to get married in October in Ocean Springs, MS. I cannot wait to marry the man I love so deeply and continue our lives together. And, hopefully have another child that is just as sweet, loving, and beautiful as Jace is. With that I will leave you all with some photos.

 This first one is our Christmas Card Photo. Lol. He loves Elmo.
 I took this one of him a while back with my studio equipment.
 We went to Madison, IN in the fall and took some photos of him.
 These are 4 of my favorite people. Steve, Jace, and his parents.
 Is that not the best smile you have ever seen?