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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My new "job".....

Steve bought me a really good camera for Christmas and two editing programs. I posted a photo of the camera in my blog post entitled Creativity (I think). Anyway, I loved it of course. I was having so much fun taking photos of Jace and various other things. A few people encouraged me to start doing photography. I was super hesitant. I didn't know the first thing about being a photographer. My friend, Chrystal especially kept telling me how great my photos were. I have to give props to her. For some reason, I don't know why she gives me the courage to do anything. She is a super supportive friend. Steve also kept encouraging me. He said I had the personality to do it because I am so social. I wasn't like that in school. I was actually quite awkward, I think. I didn't really like talking to may people. My mother in law, Jan was also super supportive. She pointed out a few photographers and said I was just as good as they were. I was surprised. I didn't think I was doing anything great. I had a lot of supportive people needless to say including my sister, Denise. And my best friend, Kristina. I really could not have done this without these people in my life. I would have been too scared.

I am so glad that I listened to them. I love taking photos for people. I love when they get their product and are amazed at what they see. That makes me feel great, the feeling of making others happy. 

My friend Chrystal made all of my logos for me. She is super snazzy with photoshop and tons of other things. I admit, I am a tad jealous that I don't know the first thing about those types of things. She tried to explain something to me one night about the logo thing and I swear the girl was talking a foreign language. Maybe one day I will understand. Well, without further ado I will show you fine people some of my photos.

So, if you got through all of those congratulations. Lol. Sorry I put so many up, just wanted to put some for several of my sessions. Hope you all enjoy. Visit my faceboo fanpage and become a fan if you'd like. www.facebook.com/SandyWrightPhotography

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Wowzer, I haven't updated in a while....

This blog post will be packed with updates. Maybe. Lol. I haven't updated in too long. Its because I am busy raising my child and jump starting my business. That's a lot of work. Jace is as awesome as ever. He is really one cool dude. I love him more each day. Its sad to see him grow every day but so great at the same time. With each comes something new that he can do. He's too smart for his own good. Ha. He turned one on March 2nd but we had his birthday party the weekend before. Here are a few photos.

 Excuse any blurriness in those photos. It was a 1st birthday party after all. Lol.

So updates on Jace. He weighs a whopping 21 lbs. Ha. That's not whopping, I was being sarcastic in case you missed that. He's right at 31 inches tall. His legs are pretty long. I thought for sure he was going to be short like my family but he may have some luck after all. I sure hope he is taller. Anyway, he has 12 teeth and has had them for some time. He loves to eat anything in sight. He does make a yuck face at some things but will still try it four or five times to be sure he doesn't like it. Lol. Silly boy. He loves being outside and most of he loves playing with sticks. And of course putting everything in sight in his mouth. He shakes his head yes and no. He likes to spin in circles and then fall down-I have been trying to get a video of this for a while but haven't been successful. Here are a few updated photos of him.