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Sunday, January 2, 2011

10 months...

Jace turned 10 months old today. He's growing incredibly fast. And, he is super smart. He took his first two steps today. I cried like a baby and Steve laughed at me. Ha. I know its only two steps but being a mom I was extremely excited. He fell right after, which he didn't like so much. He wasn't hurt, I guess it just scared him and made him lose a little confidence. I've already been on my toes as fast as he crawls. Now I am really in trouble. Lol. I'm loving every minute of it though. He's a sweetie!

Here he is with his arms way up in the air. He loves to do this and watch us mimic him. He'll keep doing it as long as you do it back. Too cute. He gives high five now too.

Here he is thinking-Really mom, do you keep having to take pictures of me?
I really like this picture of him. We were trying to do some cute pics of him but he was crawling all over the place. I'm surprised I got the few I did.
And, this one has got to be my favorite. It took me a million shots to get this. Lol. But, it was definitely well worth it.

Its so hard to believe how much he has grown. I know I have said that before, but it really is. In three short months he will be a year old.....


letterlady said...

Happy 10 month birthday, Jace!!!

Megan "the" Bug Creator said...

Happy 10 month! In just ONE month my bug will be 1 ! It is amazing how fast they grow up and how much they learn.

Sandy said...

Megan-One month. Whew. Where does the time go?