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Monday, August 9, 2010

Family times....

As some of you may know my sister and dad came to visit with us for a whole week recently. They drove from Mississippi (my home state) to Indiana. We had a blast. It was great having them here. I haven’t gotten to spend that much time with my sister since we were all living at home I don’t think. Well I did live with her in Arkansas for 6 months when I was 21. But, we both worked different schedules so we really didn’t get to do much together then either. So it was quite nice. As far as my dad goes, I haven’t really gotten to spend much time with him either. Usually when we take a trip to Mississippi he is always working and doesn’t really have time to hang out. So, needless to say when he was here he didn’t have anything else to do but rest and spend some quality time with us. It was so nice. My sister and I had a blast staying up late together and reminiscing about our mom and such. So many memories-so little time. We did some shopping, took some photos, when out to eat, she got her hair done, we cooked dinner for everyone, and got manicures and pedicures with my mother in law. It was something special. The highlight was the mani-pedi’s though. Ahhh, now that was fun! We had some of the best people working on us. They were hilarious. At one point the guy doing my mani-pedi says “What happens at Diva Nails stays at Diva Nails.” Too darn funny! I so wish now I would have gotten a few pictures while we were there but it totally slipped my mind and I didn’t think it would be as entertaining as it was.
It really meant a lot to me to have my dad come and spend so much time with us-without having anything else going on. He has made his fair share of mistakes. Some major, some minor. But, I love him dearly and look up to him no matter how things were in the past. He’s not always been a person to look up to but I’m thankful I can look up to him now. I am so thankful for that, and that he has changed from the person her was when I was growing up.  He a great-thoughtful dad these days. And, I am soaking in every minute of it. It is a sweet thing. During his visit he was able to apologize for a few things he’d done in the past. And, honestly it has made a world of difference. I loved my dad before and we still have a bond. But, as soon as he said he was sorry for a couple of things I felt that bond grow even stronger. I instantly felt the pain in my heart disappear. Although we have miles apart I feel closer to him than ever. I enjoy talking with him once again. He also went from looking at me as “his baby girl” to looking at me as a “woman,” and a “mother.” He finally realizes that I am my own person now, with my own views and opinions about things.  Our relationship finally evolved. That is something I am truly thankful for. My in laws were taking us all to eat one of the nights. So my sister ends up talking big-saying to my dad that she is ordering her a “drink.” I said so was I. He didn’t seem to mind or say anything. After all, we are grown and can make decisions for ourselves. It’s funny though because when we got there my sister ordered before me and ended up requesting a soda. She is five years older than me. So when it got my turn-I was the last to order, I ordered my wine. My sister looks at me like “are you serious?”  Lol. So she went back and changed her order to get wine. And, of course daddy never said a bad thing about it. Actually later he said there is nothing wrong with having a glass of wine with dinner. Lol. It was too funny though.  Below I’ll post a few photos or their time with us. It’s been about 3 weeks and I miss them like crazy! 
 First time seeing his Mississippi Pappy since he was five days old. Daddy was a little nervous that he would cry. He thought Jace would think he was a stranger but he loved him!
Aunt NeeCee and her little monkey! He loves his Aunt NeeCee. Can't you tell?
 Daddy & his girls :)
Pappy & his little man. Love this photo.
Such a sweet moment between Aunt NeeCee and her monkey!
 Jace, his other Pappy, and his Great Granny. So darn cute. This was after me and my sister cooked dinner for everyone. Some decided to play Wii. 
 Daddy, Steve, Granny, and Pappy. Look at the expression on my dad's face. He's a nut! Lol.
Grandma playing Wii. Trying to beat Steve in bowling.

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