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Friday, December 10, 2010

Time flies...

How crazy is it that Jace is 9 months old already?! I was blessed with this wonderful little boy. I could not imagine my life any different than it is right now.


Month 1
 Month 2
Month 3
Month 4
Month 5
Month 6
Month 7
Month 8
Month 9
Month 10

See all the changes? He's growing up on me too fast. I was told time would go by extremely fast but I never though it would be this fast. I love that he is thriving in everything he is supposed to be but I wish he would stay little just a while longer. He is my sweet baby. I love my beautiful life with my beautiful family.


Megan "the" Bug Creator said...

Totally understand where your coming from. Bug is now almost 11 months old! only 1 month away from his 1st birthday! When someone said treasure every moment it goes by so fast I did not completely understand. I am tearing up writing this! lol

Jace is absolutely adorable though! How crazy are the changes when you look back?

letterlady said...

Jace has been beautiful since day one...just like his parents! And you are so right. It's going much too quickly - yet each day holds new and wonderful excitement and surprise.