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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Halloween fun...

Jace's first Halloween was pretty awesome. He absolutely loved looking at all of the different people. He already has a very out going personality. And, has for some time. He's not like most babies. He will go to anybody. He's a big hit every where we go. We frequently get stopped while doing day to day shopping or errands.

Anyway, Halloween was a blast for all of us. I'll post a few pictures.

 Here he is with his Jamma. He sure does love her, and she loves him even more. So sweet.

 This is a picture of him with his G-Gma. Even when G-Gma can't remember much she always remembers Jace.

 Its a flying monkey!!!! He loves when daddy tosses him in the air.

 Jace's first experience Trick or Treating. We went to Jamma's and Pappy's first.

 Last but not least. A picture of mommy kitty and baby monkey. Ahh, such fun.

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letterlady said...

Great post! It was fun seeing Jace's first Halloween again. Christmas is going to be even better! : )