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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy, busy, busy....

Jace has a way of making me fall head over heels in love with him each and every day. He’s growing each day. And, with every little thing he does it melts my heart. He has started to hold his bottles more and more. He is very vocal. He loves to “talk” that’s for sure. He’d been sick for about three days last week.  He wasn’t eating much at all and it had me worried to death. He was not sleeping either. Grandma & Pappy gave us a little break. We just needed long enough to be able to sit down and have dinner at home together. While he was there he seemed to fine by then. He did not fuss at all. He has been fine since then. He’s such a sweet baby.  His new “trick” yesterday was to roll over for the very first time. I was ecstatic to say the least. I shouted in excitement and applauded my little man for doing such a great job. And, then I cried and laughed all at the same time. There is really nothing to describe the love a real mother has for her child. He is absolutely everything to me. He is my sunrise and my sunset. I never thought my heart could hold anymore love as I thought I already loved with everything I have. Jace has shown me so much more. Below is a video of him rolling over yesterday. He’d started getting a little fussy, it was his 6th time and he was sleepy, ready for his nap.

Lol. You never know how much junk you have. We pretty much have Jace’s room completed. All we have left to do is get a few pictures printed and framed, and a huge tree wall decal I’m waiting on. I love the color and how everything turned out.  I’ll post a few pictures below of what we have done so far. 
Jace's room

The front of the house.
 The Lilies the one and only neighbor brought us as a "welcome to the neighborhood" gesture. She's sweet. And, they were beautiful.

Our dining room table.
 Entry way going into the kitchen. Still have to put pictures into the frame. Lol.
Living room.
Like I said we still have lots more to do. We've been having to do a little at a time due to Steve's hectic schedule. I am loving the way everything is coming together though. Maybe in a few weeks we'll have everything just perfect as to how we want it. We bought a huge picture at Garden Ridge to go behind the couch. And, then a huge collage frame to put in the hallway. I can't wait to get pictures printed and put them in there. I'll do another post when everything is completely done.

My sister and dad will be here on Sunday. I’m really excited and looking forward to spending some much needed time with them. Me, Denise, and Jan (Steve’s mom) is going to get manicures and pedicures together too. That’ll be fun. Girl’s night out! Lol. Watch out cause here we come. Ha. And, I know for sure one day my sister and I are going to go shopping. That should tons of fun. I better wear comfy shoes. They mostly are going to want to spend time with little man Jace but we are going to manage to do some things all together too. We plan to go the Newport Aquarium, The Ali Center, and maybe a tour through the Louisville Slugger museum. I’m going to cook for everyone also. Some of my double battered fried pork chops, crock pot pinto beans, fried cabbage and potatoes, and corn bread. Sound good to you? Lol. Yum. 

Steve will be doing his finals next week also. I’m so glad his summer classes are coming to an end. He won’t have to go back until the spring because he’ll still be doing his co-op. I love when he just has his co-ops to worry with. It’s so much easier and less stressful. We’re able to do more things and he’s able to help out more. He is still going to take a break though I think-maybe a week or so. We plan on going on a vacation. We’re not sure yet were we’ll be going. Super excited either way. It’ll be our first family vacation. 
Sorry this got so long. Just haven't updated in a while. Hope you all have been enjoying my blog. I enjoy posting when I have time. I'll try to get better at updating more. 

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