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Friday, July 16, 2010

Letter 1-To my best friend, Kristina....

Dear Kristina,
     Our friendship means the world to me. No matter the physical distance between us, that has never and will never put a strain on our friendship. You’ve helped me get through so many bad things in my life. Even if it was your encouraging words and telling me those things would work out for me. You’ve been there for me when I felt I had no one. We don’t get to see one another or talk to one another as much as I’d like but I do think of you all the time. And, now of course that beautiful little boy of yours. I am so happy and thankful we went through most of our pregnancies together. I could not ask for a better friend.
I’m so glad our friendship began, even if we did not like each other at first due to someone else’s stupidity. Lol. Luckily we are two strong women who were able to ignore the immaturity of others. Thank you Kristina for being such a wonderful friend to me through the years. You’re an amazing friend, wife, and mother. 


Kristina said...

I love you so much for this. You amd I have become the greatest friends and it was so unexpected. To be honest I cant remember how
it started because it was so long ago. LOL

YOu have been there for me so many times. If it was not gfor you I dont think I could have gotten through the hardest time in my life. It was aweful. You listened to me and heloped me rationalize it all. I love you for that.

Again, you are the bestest friend a girl could have!

Sandy said...

I sure do remember. Lol. We'll have to talk about it again the next time we get together. Which I hope is soon!