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Monday, December 17, 2012


I really hate medication. I have been on so many since February. But I have been on Clonazapam the entire time. Why? I have no clue. Its not helping me. In fact, I started biting my nails again!!!!! I haven't done that in freaking years. Nasty. Even until they bleed so obviously its not helping. Its been 1 MG twice a day then he finally upped it to 3 last month. Has it helped? Nope. So you know what my hard headed self did? I said screw it. I threw it away. Its been about 4 days now and the withdrawals are starting to kick in. I refuse to keep paying for something that isn't working for me though, if doctors would listen to their patients more and helped them when they said its not working maybe that would help. I've always been on 30 MG Paxil which I am no longer taking as well.

These withdrawals are killing me though. Whew. Headaches, nauseous, head spinning, dizzy. Hopefully, it won't take too long for it all to get out of my system. I go to therapy in the morning. I will be telling her and cancelling all future sessions with the actual doctor for medication. I've been on a ton of medications since February. I am tired of taking them. Some do funny things to me, some make me not function, and others don't seem to do a thing so I am stopping them all. I will just have to deal with it like before. They haven't had me on OCD meds in months anyway. So they weren't helping with that either. Just my anxiety and sleeping and that's not been helping either. Every time I go back, they say the same thing..


letterlady said...

Remember that you wound up in the hospital last summer. You should at least wean yourself off the meds, not go cold turkey. You'd reduce the withdrawal symptoms. You are not supposed to just throw them away - for your own good. I agree - the doc isn't listening.

Sandy said...

Well, I have gotten over most of it. I did have a headache a little today and nauseous. Not for long though. It finally went away. Tomorrow should be even better. Was supposed to have therapy this morning and she called in sick. Rescheduled for Jan. Will tell her what I did then. I don't even know if I will continue going to her either.

Denise Summerville said...

Sis I finally tell lexy bits and pieces of you of your past and as she gets older I will let her read your blog,we love you very much and so very proud of you *kisses*