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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

I'm human, it still hurts sometimes.

A friend of mine pinned this photo earlier. Its a beautiful photo and I love it but it made me think about my situation. Here is the photo.

It made me sad to think my dad wasn't interested in coming to my wedding. Its my second marriage of course but I am doing it right this time and I made it in Mississippi so I would be sure he was going to be there. When asked if he was coming he said I doubt it and I asked why not and he said sarcastically "to your 2nd wedding?" I told him yes and he said he would try but he doubted that he could leave his wife's mentally retarded brother and old mother that they have to take care of. I told him he could come even if she wasn't because I wanted him to walk his baby girl down the isle. I didn't have a wedding the first time. I am having a small one this time and I wanted at least one parent there and he couldn't even do that. Its a shame the parent we have left wants to have nothing to do with his own kids. Could care less about how we are doing and how his grand kids are doing. Yep, that is him. The most selfish asshole in the world. Ok, I can understand you walking out on your kids already and they are old enough to take it but come on. Do your grand kids like that, that don't know about that side of you because we hid it. My son will never be around someone who thinks its okay to come and go on his family when he gets a new woman in his life. Maybe I'm wrong. I don't think I am. Alright. Vent over.

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letterlady said...

Sandy, he wanted you to take your time to come and take photos of HIS wedding. Why is his so much more important than yours? He is the immature one. You think you are beyond his ability to hurt you, but you aren't. You are not wrong, of course. It is his loss. Keep that in mind. You will be fine. The time for the fairy tale passed a long time ago. You don't need anyone who doesn't have your best interests at heart to try to keep a fairy tale alive. Fairy tales aren't real anyway, they are just nice stories.