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Friday, March 30, 2012

Abuse follows you if you let it.

When I stood up to my dad like I did I didn't know at the time that I was so naive to fall into a trap with a controlling man/boy! How could I have been so stupid. I dated him through high school. our relationship was ok. It wasn't anything great. He treated me fine but didn't want me to have friends. In fact I didn't go to either prom because he didn't want me to go. he isolated me from my family too. Didn't want me seeing anyone but wanted me to always be around his family. This was after I moved in with him. After we got out on our own. He moved me into a house that was pretty disgusting to say the least and we had to clean it from top to bottom before we could ever move in it. I, of course, had to do most of the cleaning because he was lazy. I still was in high school and working a job right after. We moved in and stayed together for 4 very long years.

Even after the verbal abuse he put me through and wouldn't work I still stayed another two years years. I shouldn't have. All I ever heard come out of his mouth was "you fat bitch, if you ever leave you won't ever find someone who loves you like I do" or my personal favorite "you're a fucking lazy bitch." Ha, yea. That would be you doll laying up in bed all day while I work my ass off while you play your game cube. The whole time letting the dog shit and piss in our then apartment (that we had moved into) Ok. I was the lazy one. Such a douche. Just have to get that out there. Then there would be his clothes piles behind the bathroom door where you couldn't get it open hardly of HIS clothes waiting on his grandmother to come get them to wash them for him. Um, yea. If you're gonna be a man, take on the responsibility. Don't be an ass and treat your woman like dirt after you have ask her to marry you all the while living a double life.

I had already decided to leave anyway. I got the guts to leave finally. I said I am done with you and want nothing more to do with you. Of course the night before I was to leave I didn't come home till well after midnight and he was still up waiting for me, crying. Begging me to stay. I told him no and to leave me alone. I made him pack what little I could in my car. I told him I'd be back in a couple of house to get some more things out of MY bedroom.  We were sleeping in different rooms by this time. When I got back he had slit every one of my stuffed animals throats. Yea, talk about psycho. I've had to deal with quite a few of those. I told him I was taking this stuff back and getting my dad to come pick up the stuff I bought and paid for with my money in our apt. When I got back all that was left was a couch and a bunch of used condoms underneath.

Wanna know where those came from? Oh yea, the juicy part. Should of known with me there one be one. He was cheating on me the entire time. I am not ashamed to tell it either. I didn't do it and yes I get tested. Not only was he cheating on me, but he was cheating on me with a man! A man I knew very well. One I was friends with. I don't have an issue with gay and lesbians. What I have an issues with is when they come between a relationship like they did mine and did me like this. I was actually friends with the gay guy before he even knew the guy I was dating/engaged too. So, it was a big slap in the face. As soon as I found I told them both if I ever tested and came out with anything I shoot them both! And, I meant it. You don't play Russian Roulette with someone else's life like that. Its not theirs to play with. I don't care how many condoms I found there may have been a night one wasn't used. Ew.

After all of this, thanks to a good friend of mine that was in the car with me for grabbing my steering wheel because I almost ran them over with my car. I feel I had every right. 

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