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Monday, April 16, 2012

Their part in your story is over.

I've lost several friends lately. Some on my part and some on theirs. Its hard losing friends especially when you have been friends and seem to keep losing them the same way. I guess its meant to be this way but its hard. Especially when their friendship has meant so much to you over the years. Its time to move on and let it go though and I don't think this time I can get it back. Its been to many times gone wrong. I can't be hurt by it again. My heart can't take any more hurt. Its been put through enough. I'd rather stay guarded the rest of my life than feel the hurt of getting close to another person and the friendship falling apart.

I had another good friend that I used to talk to on an almost daily basis but I had to cut that friendship myself to keep myself healthy. They weren't mentally healthy and trying to kill themselves and in and out of mental hospitals. I was there for them through it all but once they got well I had to go. I couldn't be around it any longer. I wanted to be a good friend but I couldn't. I have to take care of me for me and for my family. I have to be happy for us and to put my family first.

If you are my friend and want to continue to be my friend, that is great. I appreciate that. But, once you betray my trust its over. I'm done. I've changed a lot from the person I once was and I will never go back to that person but I will tell you this. You betray me and you will not be in my life any longer.

As most of you know I don't deal with people walking in and out of my life easily and I don't accept it. If you are here to be my friend you are here. I don't allow part timers. I have abandonment issues and if you've kept up with my blog I am pretty sure you already know this and know the reason why. I think they are pretty valid. I've let people walk out and come back in before. Now, once you walk out,  you don't come back in. I'm done.

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