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Thursday, April 12, 2012

"You encouraged me to share my feelings by reading your blogs"

These are the words I read from a message last night. A message from my best friend. The friend I have known the longest. I knew she had been having difficulties with her life recently but tried to stay out of her choices as much as possible. She knew I was there for her if she needed me. I told her that many times, but she knew she had to make these decisions on her own and she did.

She told me months ago about some things that happened to her when she was younger (I won't go into detail because that's her business to share). I never knew until then. It broke my heart and when she told me I cried for days. I knew her during this time and yet I had no idea. All the same time she knew me when I had things happen to me yet she knew nothing of mine. Crazy how things work that way. We were both abused yet had no idea. She had the courage to say something last night and she said I gave her that courage by reading my reading my blogs. I still cry about that statement. When I started this blog I told Steve and my therapist both I wanted to do this not only for me but in hopes that it would help at least someone. Anyone else. I didn't care who it was. Never knowing it would be my best friend.

This woman is strong, beautiful, and powerful. I wasn't going to say her name but she won't mind and I am even going to add her photo. She means the world to me and she knows this. She has overcame a lot in her young life like I have. She deserves the recognition. She has been an abused child and woman but has overcome it, she had a child with cancer who overcame it and had many long trips to Memphis for treatments but has kept her own faith through it all.

She is another example that you can turn your life around no matter the things that get thrown your way. You can make a new life for yourself and be happy with it. You can make a difference. All you have to do is want it.

I love you Samantha and no matter the miles between us you will always be my best friend.

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