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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Don't let the world harden your heart.

I saw this quote today. Its so true. Sometimes it can be hard not to let things that has happened to you take over your mind. Hard not to think of how mean or bad you could be to people. You have the right after all, all that has happened to you, right? I used to be like this and get so mad at people for absolutely no reason. I am getting over that and actually have for the most part. Its so hard not to be mad at every one that has done things to you, people who could have protected you.

I have been in the spot where I was hardened against the world. Its not fun to think that and to think the world is against you. Just because of things that happened to you. Things you were innocent of. People tend to judge. I felt I had to be like that or I would get hurt. It has taken me this long to get over my abandonment issues. Almost my entire life to March this year. I went that long with my mind set. I am glad to say I came back though. I am soft to people. I am kind and I love with everything I have. I forgive easily and I let people go that I know are going to be a nuisance for my healing process. Sometimes its just a must.


letterlady said...

Good post.

Sandy said...

Thank you

Cindy De Saulles Photography said...

I think you are an amazing young lady and I'm glad god connected me to you.

Sandy said...

Thank you Cindy, you are so kind.