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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There were some good memories.

I will say we did have some fun times when I was growing up, but more bad than good. So sometimes the bad out weighs the good.

The tidbit I will tell tonight is about the objects in the picture I saw the other night while writing my story of strength. It was a blue and white figurine. Very heavy. It was a horse and carriage with a person on top. So it wasn't small. It was medium sized but like I said. Pretty heavy. My dad came home from work one day. I don't remember everything that happened that day but he was pretty mad. Probably drunk and high. That was a pretty regular thing in our house.

Anyway, he starts to argue with our mom. I won't lie my mom stood her ground a lot and it got her beat a little worse but she wasn't one to give up. The argument escalated and my dad picked this figurine up and hit her right in the face with it. Slashed her lip wide open and she had cuts all around her face. Her, my brother, my sister, and I all ran to the bathroom and locked ourselves in. He came to the door screaming through the door. Cursing at her still and saying letting him in or he'd kick the door in. We didn't let him in and then I remember him screaming "I am the sorry son of a bitch that did this to your mother".

I don't remember much after that except helping her get cleaned up as she was crying and weeping. We were all hugging on her and telling her we loved her. I just remember the pure terror I felt that night. I was afraid. Not only for my mom but for my brother, sister, and I.

The picture below is of my mom, I am sitting in her lap, my brother, and my sister with her eyes closed ;)
I posted this photo because I wanted you all to see the object that was thrown at my mom the night of the incident. I circled it in black. There are actually several other objects in this photo that were thrown at her on different occasions.  Like the metal ducks you see on the wood shelf in the background. Those things were super heavy and sharp beaks. The bit ashtray on the coffee table was thrown at her as well on a different occasion as well.

This is were I will leave this post tonight. As much as I hate the object in this photo as the memory it caused I love this picture and memory with my beautiful mom. She was a wonderful woman and I loved her so very much.

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