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Thursday, February 23, 2012

What would you do?

There once was an incident where my dad was beating my mom so badly that she was already bleeding out of her face and probably a few other places where he then drug her outside and threw her on the ground. She was screaming and crying for him to stop. "Please, Bobby, Stop". I can still hear those words. He was yelling obscenities at her. I am sure the neighbors heard but no one ever stood up to him. No one. Except for my young, very small, brother. My dad picked up a cross tie that lined our driveway. I will remind you all that these things are not light and can do major damage. My dad was getting ready to hit my mom with it while she was laying on the ground helpless when my brother ran out of the house with a gun. He still threw the cross tie but he threw it beside her to scare her. Luckily, the gun my brother had was bb gun and he had the barrel pointing at himself and had every intention of beating the shit out of my dad. Sometimes I wish he did, but at the same time I know if he did he would have gotten dealt what our mom did.

As usual we took mom inside and helped her clean herself. Loved, hugged, and kissed on her and told her how much we loved her. I believe on this night I laid in bed with her and begged her to please leave our daddy. If she didn't, he was going to kill her. Even me being as young as I was, I knew this. I grew up before I should have. I had to think like an adult. My brother feels the same way, as he should. I am not really sure where my sister was at this point. Maybe already moved out. Like I said before. Dates run way together for me.

One time he and my mom went to Arkansas to visit my aunt. I was supposed to stay with a good friend but something happened and I didn't get picked up. My sister took me with her, to her friends house. It was actually fun, they played dress up with me and all. When my parents returned to get us and found me there, my dad was very angry. He cursed at my sister and slapped her a few times in the car. He figured that wasn't enough so he stopped in front of the hospital road in Calhoun City, Ms about 3 A.M. and beat my sister like he never beat anyone before. He beat her like she was a grown man. She couldn't have been but 15, if that. She had both eyes blacked, he had on steel toed cowboy boots and was kicking her also. He slammed her head against the car and finally shoved her back inside.

After we got home I don't remember a whole lot. I remember my sister and I pulling a mattress into the living room by the door to sleep because it was cold in our room. We snuggled and went to sleep. The next morning our dad woke up and was walking through the living room and collapsed onto the floor. At that moment I had hoped he was dead. As bad as that sounds. I really wished for it. Our life would have been easier. We are still unsure of what made him do that, maybe Karma, if you believe in that. I do. He is still alive though.

With that I will close out this posting. Tomorrow will be dedicated to my mother as it will be the 5 year anniversary of her death. I will tell her death story one last time, I will tell of my wonderful memories of her, and I will post photos of her.

Goodnight all.

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