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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Steve's Graduation!

He did it! He finally did it. It seemed liked a lifetime getting here for myself and I am sure it felt like that for him or even worse. Its been four long years. He has been in school the entire time we have been together and well the entire time I have known him. Almost 2 years into our relationship we had Jace. I love that little guy and so does Steve but man did that put a major strain on things. Now, I was a stay at home parent that felt like a single parent because Steve didn't have time to do anything but work and do his homework or study for a test. Please, don't get me wrong. I am no complaining, I am just stating how hard it was for all three of us and how long of a road it has been. So for 2 years its mostly felt like single parenting with the exception of a few breaks that weren't nearly long enough. Of course every break he had, he made sure to spend it with us and we would do things as a family. I am thankful for that. Seriously, at times I really thought I was going to lose my mind but I didn't. I made it and stuck by Steve even though the sacrifices that had to be made and I am glad I did. Today was one sweet day! Today everything paid off. All the nights I had to get up all night with Jace and deal with him all day, then clean, cook dinner, etc it paid off. All the long nights Steve had doing homework or studying for an exam. It paid off. I am happy to say that my fiance graduated with honors today from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Way to go Steve!!!! We both thank you for all the sacrifices you had to make to try to better our family and we love you so very much!

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